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Motorcycle MOT Enfield

Booking Your Motorcycle MOT with Greenfox Garage

Get your Motorcycle MOT with Greenfox Garage. We’ve been carrying our MOTs in Enfield since 1994, and our testers are ATA-qualified.

Our testers will check around your motorcycle before the MOT, looking for any apparent issues. If they find something during a pre-MOT check that may make the motorcycle fail, we will advise you of what work is required before the MOT test.

We aim to save you time and money and successfully get your motorbike through the MOT test.

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Motorcycle MOT Enfield

  • Suitable for Motorcycles and Scooters  (We also MOT cars click here)
  • Carried out by our ATA-trained testers
  • Minor repairs such as bulbs
  • Fully accredited MOT testing station 

What is checked during an MOT on a Motorcycle?

During an MOT, our ATA-trained testers will check the following:

  • Lights, lamps and electrical systems
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Exhaust checks
  • Steering and suspension
  • Wheel alignment

For the full check list click here

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What to expect after your motorcycle MOT

Our MOT tester will inform you once the MOT is complete.  You will receive a brand-new MOT certificate for 12 months if the motorcycle has successfully passed the test.

If our tester has found a problem/s with your motorbike during the MOT test, they will provide information on the fault/s found.

Advisories and minor faults will not result in your motorcycle failing an MOT. However, making them right as soon as possible would be best.

The motorbike cannot be used on the road if the tester finds a major and dangerous fault during the MOT test.

You can only operate the motorcycle once these faults are repaired and re-tested. Never miss a test with our free MOT reminders.

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Motorcycle MOT Enfield