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Diesel Particulate Filter Warnings

Has your DPF warning light illuminated on your dashboard? If the warning light has shown, it will likely be a notification that the unit is becoming blocked and requires regeneration.

For the DPF to regenerate, it needs certain conditions; when met, it will attempt to burn off the built-up soot using either an active or passive regeneration. If the regeneration cannot occur or fails, you may see an additional warning light on your dash. 

You will usually see a second warning when the DPF is blocked beyond the point where a normal regeneration will clear it.

At Greenfox Garage, we offer a DPF cleaning service with specialist equipment. Our cost-effective service will save you money, and we aim to get you back on the road the same day.

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

  • DPF cleaned & restored back to original
  • Guaranteed DPF cleaning 98%+ ash and soot removed
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • No expensive DPF replacements
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • No expensive DPF replacements

Do I need my DPF cleaned?

1➔ Loss of power
2➔ DPF Warning light on
3➔ The vehicle is in limp mode
4➔ Frequent attempts at DPF regeneration
5➔ DPF regeneration is failing
6➔ A strong smell of diesel
7➔ The vehicle is smoking excessively
8➔ Oil level is increasing
9➔ High fuel consumption

A new DPF system can cost as much as £3,000 at a main dealer, but cleaning the DPF with our specialist machine should rectify the problem in most cases.  Avoid costly bills by getting your vehicle checked out by a qualified technician if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms.

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DPF Cleaning Enfield

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DPF Flush VS DPF Cleaning

A DPF flush uses additives to break down and remove accumulated soot in the DPF, aiding regular regeneration.

Alternatively, DPF specialist cleaning involves physically removing the DPF for thorough cleaning when regular regeneration is ineffective.

This service is crucial when the DPF is severely clogged or damaged. Specialist cleaning offers a more comprehensive process, utilizing specialized equipment to restore the DPF to a like-new condition.

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